Friday, 18 May 2018


Despite all the messing around its received over the years, the F.A. Cup still retains that old magic, sending a shiver down the spine.

With the endless possibilities for upsets by smaller clubs, the most unlikeliest of teams and players can have their moment in the sun. Just think of Ronnie Radford and Hereford United in 1972!

Even at the other end of the footballing scale the Cup can be a valuable way of ending the season with a shiny trophy in the cabinet.

Which is exactly what tomorrow's final can provide for two of the biggest teams in the land.
While Chelsea have failed to reach the golden top 4 this season, Manchester United have hardly had a memorable season, having spent heavily last summer.

Add to that the spice of this undoubtably being Chelsea boss Antonio Conte's last match in charge before the inevitable chop. AND Jose Mourinho facing his old club!

It could of course descend into a tactical bore, with both managers reverting to their defensive instincts, but lets hope its a corker!

And if you know your history, take a look at my exclusive retro artworks of both clubs.
Packed with memories of these two unique teams.

Retro Chelsea featuring Peter Osgood, Peter Bonetti, Bobby Tambling, Roy Bentley and going back even further 1920s star Andy Wilson and 30s striker George Mills.

Retro Manchester United, with George Best, Bobby Charlton, Denis Law, Alex Stepney, Bryan Robson and Norman Whiteside.

King's Road legend Peter Osgood, was an F.A. Cup winner with Chelsea in 1970, scoring in the replay played at Old Trafford. He also won another winners medal with Southampton in 1976, ironically against Man Utd.

The incomparable George Best. Although he never won the F.A. Cup, he did win a priceless European Cup winners medal in 1968.

It would be wonderful to see these two players in the modern game. Their transfer values would be insane!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2018


As a fan of Alternative Music I've been to hundreds and hundreds of gigs over the years and acquired boxes full of flyers and leaflets advertising future gigs and clubs.
I've always taken them, as they are thrust into your face, on the way to the venue. 
In the pre-internet days they were a handy way of knowing what gigs were on. 

But I wonder how many people actually kept them?!

Delving into those boxes was a treat, seeing the gigs I went to and what clubs and gigs were happening at that particular time.

I presume most people chucked them away, but now is your chance to relive those half-remembered gigs you went to!!

I've picked out a few spare ones and framed them up, and they'll be exclusively on my stall at the fabulous music festival, ALICE'S WICKED TEA PARTY, on 2nd June. 

Here is a selection of some of the flyers I found:

A Killing Joke flyer advertising three gigs in 1994 on their Pandemonium tour. One of the best live bands ever.  I went to the one in Wolverhampton!

A typical KMFDM design. They've always had the most striking and easily recognisable posters and album artwork. 

Laibach gigs are always momentous occasions. A really unique experience from a truly unique band.

Another stunning performer is Jarboe, she has massive stage presence and an immense voice.

Quite a rare appearance from the Canadian band Skinny Puppy. Hilariously the security down the front had wised up and protected themselves, as singer Ogre does have a habit of showering them with strange substances!!!

One of my all-time favourite bands, especially live. The Swiss maestros are always a joy to watch.

This tiny flyer is probably quite rare. After Fields of the Nephilim split, singer Carl McCoy formed The Nefilim, and played possibly their only London gig here at the old Astoria in 1996. I've framed and spray-painted it in a suitable looking frame. And, by the way, the gig was absolutely stunning!

I also found these two gems featuring The Sisters of Mercy.
Bizarrely they were cut out from copies of teeny mag Smash Hits!!!
Above is an advert for the classic Floodland album, with Andrew Eldritch and Patricia Morrison on the cover, from 1987.

And below, the unlikely hit single Lucretia My Reflection, from a Smash Hits in 1988.
I've no idea how I had copies of Smash Hits, not unless it was to get these adverts!!

As mentioned above, I'll have these on my stall at ALICE'S WICKED TEA PARTY, the fantastic Alternative Music Festival near Wareham in Dorset. 
The festival is on Friday 1st June – Saturday 2nd June, and my stall will be up and running throughout the whole of Saturday, so come along!!!

Alice's Facebook HERE

Friday, 11 May 2018


I've got a great selection of rare Elvis Presley photographs to show you.

All dating from around the early 1960s, they are black and white prints and postcards.
Either given away as promo, or perhaps sold via his Fan Club, they are all numbered and were printed by an agency called Brel.

The one above is a promo shot from the 1963 film Fun in Acapulco, which was a musical comedy romp co-starring Ursula Andress.

The next two are the postcards:

These rare prints show a particular time in Elvis' career, and of course he looks super-cool!

And Elvis fans you are in luck!

I'll have these on my stall at The Customs House Sunday Market at West Bay in Dorset this Sunday, the 13th May!!
You can have a peep at them and maybe add them to your Elvis collections!!

Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Got these fabulously retro canisters to show you!!
They would brighten up any kitchen and give it a real vintage twist!

First up are these completely iconic Cornishware pieces.

The timeless blue and white stripe design was first produced in 1924 by T.G. Green & Co Ltd. 
They are highly collectable, and expensive(!), but you'll be able to pick up a bargain with these!

These are slightly more unusual, and I'll have to call them 'Retro Style'.

Produced in France, they are actually authentic looking reproductions of old tea and coffee canisters. The range are called Damier Rouge, after their distinctive red checkerboard designs, and they look very stylish as well! 

I also have three of these splendidly groovy 1960s canisters!!

In a very original olive green colour, they also have a fantastic circles, squares and stars pattern.
They would make a brilliant display in a funky looking kitchen!

I'm keeping fingers firmly crossed for the weather to behave at The Customs House Sunday Market in West Bay, Dorset on 13th May. I'll be down there and displaying these on a stall in the courtyard of this magnificent building. 
So come on down and grab some retro bargains!

Thursday, 3 May 2018


Got more exciting dates for the ArtPix Roadshow!!

First up is the very popular SUNDAY MARKETS at THE CUSTOMS HOUSE next to the harbour in the beautiful seaside town of West Bay in Dorset on 13th May.
I already have a unit at this amazing Antiques Centre, so you can have the double-delight of visiting my stall AND my unit there!!!

I'll be back at the brilliant BRIDPORT VINTAGE MARKET on  27th May, for a special market celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the St Michael's Trading Estate, which is right in the middle of the iconic Dorset town of Bridport.

Then for something completely different!
On 2nd June I'll be at this fantastic kaleidoscope of alternative music down at Knoll Farm, near Wareham in Dorset. Had a fantastic time there last year, so can't wait to be back!

So just to re-cap!

West Bay Harbour,
West Bay,

SUNDAY 27th MAY (Bank Holiday Weekend)
St Michael's Trading Estate,

Knoll Farm,
Soldiers Road,
BH20 5DU

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


I couldn't believe it when I read the English Football League is considering freeing clubs from their obligation of producing a matchday programme for every game.


The rising costs and declining sales amongst clubs outside the Premier League are forcing them to think of ditching their programmes.

But even in today's digital age, the football programme still plays an iconic part of going to see a match. As a souvenir of the day, a collectable of the future and a handy way of catching up with everything about your club without trawling through the internet for ages.

I recently bought a whole collection of programmes off someone, over 650 in all, dating from the late 1950s to the early 2000s, from nearly every League club.

And they are fantastic! 
A snapshot of that club at that particular time in history.
From some very basic efforts, with barely a paragraph of text throughout, the teams for that match and a League table if you were lucky, to mammoth super-glossy 60-odd page programmes, with everything you ever wanted to know about the Youth team, the opponents and their dogs.

And for me the designs are brilliant to check-out, again from the simple, unfussy programmes of the 50s and 60s, to some crazy 70s typography and illustrations, to the late-90s burst of Photoshop designs everywhere!!

They represent another way to track the social history of this country.

And so they MUST continue, even if it's in a smaller, more affordable format.

Start a campaign today...

Incidently, I'll be blogging about some of my favourite programmes in the near future, so keep tuned if you are a fan of retro football programmes!!

Saturday, 28 April 2018


This Sunday I'll be at the fantastic Bridport Vintage Market!!!

Come along for a roaring retro treat of amazing stalls and huge antique centre, all in the brilliant Dorset town of Bridport!

I'll have a stonking variety of goodies on offer, from classic games, crazy ceramics to retro football.

AND, I've got my own brand new range of vintage inspire artworks, that I'll be displaying for the first time, all in gorgeous A3 frames!

Kick-off is at 10am and is absolutely FREE to get in!


Thursday, 26 April 2018


If you have a retro-themed home or are a Mid-Century fan, then I've got the perfect item for you!

This fabulous 50s rack would be a fantastic addition for any retro fan. 

Not only does it look amazing, but its also practical, for hanging up those precious vintage clothes!

With its red atoms, that absolutely scream 1950s, it will brighten up any hallway or kitchen.

And lucky you, because its for sale on my stall this Sunday at the BRIDPORT VINTAGE MARKET!!!

Just pop along to the BRIDPORT ART & VINTAGE QUARTER in the lovely town of Bridport in Dorset on 29th April, and you'll find this fantastic market next to the Alleyways Antique Centre.

Admission is FREE and it kicks-off at 10am, closing at 4pm.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

ROY BENTLEY 1924-2018

More heartbreak for Chelsea, with the sad news of ROY BENTLEY passing away, so soon after Ray Wilkins.

Roy was a brave, strong, classic centre-forward throughout the 40s and 50s.
His finest hour was undoubtably captaining Chelsea to the League Championship in 1955, their first ever trophy.

But his footballing career goes back much, much further.
Incredibly he made his debut BEFORE the Second World War, for Bristol City in August 1939, as a 15-year-old, and he scored!
The season was infamously cancelled after only 3 games as War was declared, and Roy served in the Royal Navy during the War.

Post-war he found himself up in Newcastle before an £11,000 transfer to Chelsea in 1948.
And that's where he stayed until 1956, making 367 appearances and scoring a then club record 150 goals. He was top scorer in each of his 8 full seasons at the club, including 21 League goals in that glorious Championship-winning season of 1954/55.

He also had a healthy 9 goals in 12 appearances for England.

During the 50s, when football still had the maximum wage, he was earning £12 a week.
Putting it into context, top film stars, pop stars and entertainers at the time, would be earning thousands of pounds a week.
People who think footballers's wages are over the top should stop to think that they are still playing catch-up with other entertainers. 
Roy was a big-name player with a big London club, and yet had to work part-time as a salesperson to supplement his wages. Can you imagine a top Premier League striker doing that today???!!!

After his Stamford Bridge days were up, he served Fulham and QPR with distinction until 1963, hanging up his boots at the age of 38, quite unusual to play for that long at the time.
He then managed Reading and Swansea.

I had the very great pleasure of meeting him a few years ago, and what an absolute gent he was, completely happy to chat. 

After signing an autograph for me, with a real twinkle in his eye, he mischievously then told me how he used to sign his name when he was much younger, and preceded to give me his alternative autograph, a brilliant moment!

You'll never be forgotten Roy.

Friday, 20 April 2018


I'm jumping in the japoly this weekend for a visit to some of the ArtPix Clan!
So I'll be hopping over the border from Dorset to Devon.

This gorgeous little book of sepia photographs of Dear Old Devon dates from 1932.
I love pootling around there, especially the amazing Woolacombe Bay, with its incredible beach. 
But don't despair, as I'll be looking out for any more vintage bits like this while I'm there!!

And, don't forget I'll be at the BRIDPORT VINTAGE MARKET on 29th April at the Bridport Art & Vintage Quarter!


Thursday, 19 April 2018


Have been working on a banner for my stalls at fairs and markets to show there is a Retro Football section!

I've got a huge amount of fabulous footie stuff in the ArtPix Storeroom!!

Not only do I have retro games, trade cards, programmes and other bits, but my very own designs.
I do individual teams with loads of vintage bits and pieces put together into exclusive collages.
I sell them as framed pictures, cards, fridge magnets and sometimes as A3 laminates.

If you like retro football programmes then you are in luck!
I have a massive stock of fantastic programmes from just about any team you can think of!!

I'll be doing a few blogs in the future about these, as some are real gems and design classics.

You can find a lot of my Retro Football range, and some of the programmes, in my unit at THE CUSTOMS HOUSE in West Bay, Dorset.

I'll be at the BRIDPORT VINTAGE MARKET at the Bridport Art & Vintage Quarter, right in the centre of Bridport on 29th April, where I'll be bringing along a whole suitcase full of programmes and other goodies.

Some of the items of iconic players and teams that are in my banner will actually be for sale as well!!

Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Commemorative medals featuring Royal events aren't exactly rare, but you can still find some interesting ones.

On every Coronation, death or anniversary the souvenir hawkers would be out in force, producing all kinds of weird and wonderful items with the face of a Royal plonked on it.
And medals were no exception, as there are hundreds of different ones for every major event concerning a Royal.

So I've tried to pick out a few with a bit more about them.

First up is one from the 19th Century, celebrating Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897.

I love this medal, as not only is it 121-years-old, but I've always wondered just who actually wore it. Even the simple fact that it would have been someone living in the Victorian era is enough. 

This is one of thousands of souvenirs made, that presumed Edward would actually go through with his Coronation!!

Of course we now know that he did a bunk in December 1936 to be with Mrs Simpson, thus leaving many a memorabilia producer with a warehouse full of useless souvenirs!
But for us they remain a curio from history.

This is the outcome of all that kerfuffle – King George VI, instead of King Edward VIII
I can imagine the manic production of new souvenirs in the run-up to May 1937!!

Here we have a one called 'The King's Medal', which was given out by the London County Council to school kids who had behaved, actually attended school, or generally done ok throughout the year.

Originally dished out in 1887 as 'The Queen Victoria Medal', is was renamed 'The King Edward VII Medal' after Queen Vic's demise, but after tiring of the name changes when Edward popped off, wisely stuck with 'The King's Medal'!

This one has various Bars to the medal, meaning the pupil would have been excellent in each year and qualified for a medal each time. It also has the year 1914-15 on one of the Bars, telling us the pupil was at school during the First World War.

This is a really interesting one, a 1914 medal featuring the Belgian Royal Family.

It was produced to raise money for the children of soldiers killed in the Belgian army.
King Albert and his wife Elisabeth are featured on one side, with the dramatic line from Albert  "Before annihilating our army one must pass over my body" in both French and English on the reverse.

Belgium had been overrun by the German Army in the opening exchanges of the First World War and the Allies were only able to stop the advance on the Belgian and French border, thus creating the terrible trench warfare that would ensue.
This medal remains a powerful symbol of that traumatic time, and you can feel the desperation and defiance from that single line. 
Even the small, simple black, yellow and red ribbon representing the national flag feels poignant. 

So in amongst the tat it's possible to find meaningful medals with a real sense of the time and place they were produced in.
Remember to keep an eye out for them at antique fairs, flea markets and boot fairs, as they often crop up.